Board of Trustees and Officials

The Foundation in its initial years operated with seven trustees: 1) Edgardo J. Angara, LLB’58; LLD’13 hc ; 2) Juan G. Collas, Jr., LLB’58; 3) Vicente R. Limcaoco, BS’60; MD’63; 4) Teresita V. Marzan, AB’55; 5) Reginaldo S. Picache, MD’62; 6) Ramon S. Quesada, Jr., BD’66; and 7) Rafael M. Salas. Before President Edgardo J. Angara ended his term, the Board of Trustees decided, among other things, to increase the number of trustees to 15, and to give the UP President) complete discretion on the composition of the Board. The UP President has traditionally been the Chairman of the FUPFA Board. FUPFA’s Board of Trustees was last reorganized in 2007 during the term of Dr. Emerlinda Roman as UP President. President Alfredo E. Pascual succeeded Dr. Roman as Chairman of the FUPFA Board in 2011. Thereafter in 2017, President Danilo L. Concepcion succeeded former UP President Pascual as Chariman of the FUPFA Board.


The current trustees of the FUPFA are:

1. President Danilo L. Concepcion, Chair
2. Ms. Polly S. Cortez, Vice Chair
3. Ms. Lourdes Tancinco Esq, Secretary
4. Ms. Julie Z. Hudson, CFO
5. Mr. Leopoldo Clemente
6. Ms. Sonia Delen
7. Ms. Mae C. Echanis
8. Mr. Crisostomo B. Garcia, Ph.D.
9. Ms. Marietta Ison, Ph.D.
10. Dr. Vicente R. Limcaoco, M.D.
11. Ms. Gemma Nemenzo
12. Ms. Alma H. Onrubia, C.P.A


Executive Committee

The current executive committee of FUPFA consists of the following officers:

President Danilo L. Concepcion, Chair
Ms. Polly Santiago Cortez, Vice Chairperson
Ms. Lourdes Tancinco Esq, Secretary
Ms. Julie Z Hudson, Chief Financial Officer


Executive Director

The Vice Chairman of the Board traditionally serves as executive director of the FUPFA. The following have served in that capacity:

Dr. Vicente R. Limcaoco : 1982-1995 (founding executive director)
Dr. Antonio S. Racela, Jr. : 1995-2001
Mr. Francisco “Toti” L. Juan: 2001-2007
Ms. Polly Santiago Cortez : 2007-Current

The day-to-day affairs of the foundations are presently managed by the executive committee.