Why Give


“Its more than about giving back. UP is part of me.”

Errol Sanchez
UP Chem ’87



”I am forever grateful for the exceptional education I received from
UP. The impact it had and continues to have in my life compels me
to give back to the university that has given so much to me.”

Best regards,



“Our U.P. experience during our formative years shaped and directed our lives intellectually, philosophically, psychologically, spiritually and in other ways to prepare us adequately for our future careers and later challenges in life. For me this experience was a coming of age, a defining moment marked by a new consciousness of the realities of the world around us and a growing ability to understand and deal with its immensity and complexities. For me, majoring in English and gravitating to political science, public administration and fields of the social sciences was the best thing that happened in my young life, and I feel that the education I got from the university’s nurturing environment was superior and liberating. As a result, I feel all the better as a human being because of it. It’s time to give back in whatever manner I can for this irreplaceable liberal and secular education, which informed my later life to strengthen character and make the best of th! e human condition. Thank you, U.P. from the bottom of my heart.”

BELINDA A. AQUINO, Ph.D., Cornell University (Government and Southeast Asian Studies), M.A. (Political Science and Public Administration), University of Hawaii at Manoa , B.A. (English major and Political Science minor).